Laser Hair Removal

How It Works

Laser hair removal is the preferred treatment for removing unwanted body hair almost anywhere on the body. This minimally invasive procedure removes hair through a series of easy treatments while leaving the surrounding skin and tissue unharmed.

Laser hair removal provides long lasting results and is most commonly performed on the face, upper lip, neck, chest, underarms, back, abdomen, bikini line and legs, although it can be performed on virtually any area with excess hair growth.

Our hair laser is made by Lumenis™, the same company that pioneered Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. The LightSheer™ diode laser is considered the industry “gold standard” in achieving permanent hair reduction. The LightSheer laser works on a range of hair colors and all skin types, including tanned skin, and has been proven to improve the appearance of razor bumps, benign pigmented lesions, sun damage and superficial leg veins in addition to removing hair. The LightSheer INFINITY offers the patient two hand-piece choices depending on their needs. The LightSheer High Speed hand-piece uses breakthrough vacuum assisted technology in combination with diode laser light to allow rapid and comfortable treatment of large areas. A back or legs can now be treated in 15 to 20 minutes, without the need for topical numbing creams. The LightSheer INIFINITY also offers you the smaller hand-piece with Chill-Tip cooling for smaller areas. The LightSheer INFINITY allows for a truly customized treatment for all hair and skin types and lifestyles.

The Science Behind The Treatment

The laser works by generating intense light that targets pigment within the hair itself. The hair acts as a conductor, carrying the laser energy to the hair follicle. This energy damages or destroys the hair follicle, permanently impeding hair growth.

Each hair grows in an independent growth cycle. There are 3 different phases within each cycle. The active or growing phase is called anagen. There is also a transition phase, catagen, and a resting phase, telogen. Because only the hairs in the anagen phase respond to the laser hair removal, several treatments are necessary to achieve a satisfactory result.  Most patients experience effective results after three to five treatments, spaced four to eight weeks apart. The length and quantity of treatments depends upon the location of the hair and the patient’s individual response to treatment. Patients who wish to remove hair in between treatment sessions can shave the treated area if they desire, but should not use any other type of temporary hair removal.

How to Prepare

Let your provider know if you have ever had any hair removal treatments done before. Also be sure to mention if you wax, pluck, or use any other home-methods besides shaving to remove hair. This will not stop you from having the treatment, but helps us to time your procedure so you will have maximum results. In addition, let her or him know if you have a history of cold sores or have ever had an adverse reaction to light, laser, or other similar treatments in the past. Our providers may suggest medications prior and after treatment for optimal healing.

What to Expect

Before you arrive

In terms of preparing for the procedure, you cannot do any tweezing or waxing 6 weeks prior to the appointment. You may shave the area. Ideally, the hair should be 1-2 mm or 1/10 of an inch. This length typically takes 1-2 days to achieve after shaving, and we can instruct you in your individual hair growth time after a consultation appointment.

Please gently cleanse the area you would like to be treated prior to your appointment through showering or bathing. Also be sure to remove any makeup you may be wearing in the area prior to your procedure time.

The LightSheer hair removal procedure is non-invasive and is performed quickly and easily in the office. Depending on the size of the area to be treated, the laser session may be a few minutes to an hour. The actual treatment is easily tolerated. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others and we may have topical anesthesia available to make the treatment comfortable. If you are interested in this, schedule a topical numbing appointment one hour before your procedure time.

After Treatment

After your procedure, the treated area may be slightly pink with some marks where the hair was. You can apply non-comedogenic, unscented moisturizer to the area after the procedure. We will give you in-depth aftercare instructions at your appointment and are available to answer any questions as needed.

What It Will Feel Like

Patients who have had hair laser removal often claim it feels like a hot snap on the skin where the laser is. It can be mildly uncomfortable, but most patients find it tolerable without topical numbing. If you are concerned about pain, schedule a topical numbing appointment one hour prior to your procedure time. With topical numbing, patients find the procedure very tolerable.

Post-procedure Care

As the treatment only causes minimal redness and swelling, most patients are able to return to normal activity immediately. Icing, proper moisturizing, and avoidance of sun after treatment can help the healing process. We will give you in-depth aftercare instructions at your appointment and are available to answer any questions as needed.

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    4 month followup after 8 treatments

  • LightSheer



    4 month followup after 7 treatments

  • LightSheer



    after 2 treatments

  • LightSheer



    6 month followup after 3 treatments

  • LightSheer



    6 month followup after 5 treatments

Are you a candidate?

The best way to determine your candidacy for treatments is to schedule a consult.

However, you are likely a candidate if you are experiencing:

Unwanted Hair Growth

10-60 Min.

Per Session

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