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How It Works

Sclerotherapy is a quick and easy way to treat unwanted veins in the legs. At Nua, we use Asclera solution, which works as a detergent to treat varicose veins, spider veins and telangiectasia without stinging or burning at the injection sites. It allows for fast results that don’t require much aftercare or downtime.

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The Science Behind The Treatment

Asclera works by breaking down the cells on the inner lining of the veins that are being targeted. This breakdown results in the sealing of the vein wall, preventing blood from flowing through. The blood being blocked is consequently redirected to healthy veins that are not visible on the surface on the skin. After a few days, the blocked veins are broken down by the body and gradually disappear.

How to Prepare

Let your provider know if you have any history of blood clotting disorders, heart conditions, or high blood pressure. Also let your provider know if you are taking any medications that affect blood clotting, such as blood thinners like aspirin, or hormonal medications, like birth control. Our providers may suggest medications prior to and after treatment for optimal healing.

With sclerotherapy, you will see the greatest results if you wear compression stockings and walk after your appointment. Make sure to buy support stockings that go up to your knee (if you are being treated below the knee) or up to your thigh (if you are being treated on the thigh) prior to your procedure. They should be from 23-32 mmHg. Please bring these stockings with you to your appointment.

What to Expect

Before You Arrive

Prior to your treatment, the areas to be treated will be gently cleansed. You will be placed in a lounging position for comfort.

Sclerotherapy does not require topical numbing.

After Treatment

Immediately after the procedure, you will be required to put on support stockings and walk for 10-30 minutes. Be sure to bring loose-fitting slacks and comfortable walking shoes with you.

The treated areas may be bruised and red after the procedure. Despite this, be sure not to limit your exercise levels and keep walking and moving around in the two weeks following the procedure.

What It Will Feel Like

At Nua, we use a compound called Asclera, which does not causing burning or pain at the injection site. Because sclerotherapy does involve injections, however, you will feel a mild pinch when an area is being treated. Most patients find this quite tolerable and do not require topical numbing.

Post-procedure Care

Immediately after the procedure, you will be required to put on support stockings and walk for 10-30 minutes. Be sure to have loose-fitting slacks and comfortable walking shoes with you. We will give you in-depth aftercare instructions at your appointment and are available to answer any questions as needed.

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