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Are You A Candidate?

The best way to determine your candidacy for treatments is to schedule a consult.

However, you are likely a candidate if you are experiencing:

30, 45 or 60 minutes

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How It Works

The HydraFacial® treatment you know and love has just gotten an upgrade! Introducing the HydraFacial® Syndeo™ – an advanced skincare treatment designed to give you the personalized care you deserve. This treatment features cloud-based technology that stores your skin’s information, allowing us to know exactly which customization options are right for your needs. Like the standard treatment, HydraFacial® Syndeo™ treatments involve cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and an infusion of antioxidant serums. These treatments are completely customized based on your needs and also feature LED Light Therapy.

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The Science Behind The Treatment

The multi-step treatment cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts dead skin cells. It then bathes the skin in serums packed with rich hydrating ingredients, antioxidants, and peptides. In addition to the basic serums, you can work with your provider to further customize your HydraFacial MD® by incorporating add-ons or boosters to target your specific skin concerns.

HydraFacial® Syndeo™ tackles all of the issues that the standard treatment does and more! This system features red and blue LED light technology. Each light is designed to address a different range of skin concerns. While the red LED addresses wrinkles, skin damage, and other signs of skin aging by stimulating collagen production, the blue LED destroys acne bacteria and improves the appearance of oily and congested skin.

How to Prepare

We can perform the HydraFacial MD® on all skin types, including very sensitive skin. The HydraFacial MD® treatment is unique because it is highly customizable.

HydraFacial MD® is on the gentler side of the facial treatment spectrum. Clients who require deeper resurfacing may achieve greater results from more intense treatments such as medical grade peels (like the TCA peel) or laser treatments (like Fraxel).

Even though HydraFacial MD® is relatively gentle, there are certain skin conditions such as chronic rosacea and severe acne that preclude receiving any treatment. Individuals with a contact allergy to shellfish should avoid getting a HydraFacial, as an ingredient found in one of the primary steps of the treatment contains shellfish extract

What to Expect

Before You Arrive

Discontinue use of Isotretinoin for 1 month.

Please do not use the following for at least 48 hours prior to your Hydrafacial:

• Any type of exfoliating treatment(s) (glycolic, enzymes)
• Topical prescriptive medications
• Waxing and use of depilatories
• OTC acne medications

Refrain from any medium/deep chemical resurfacing and laser treatments for 1 month.

If you are prone to cold sores, Hydrafacial may cause a breakout; please ask your provider for a prophylactic treatment such as Valtrex. You should use this medication 2 days before, during and 2 days after treatment. We can prescribe this medication for you.

For Gentlemen’s HydraFacial MD® treatment, shaving is not recommended on day of treatment. If you choose to shave, please shave at least 3-4 hours prior to your treatment.

After Treatment

After a HydraFacial MD® treatment, you will notice immediate results. Your skin will feel smoother, softer, and more hydrated as a result of the exfoliating acids and hydrating ingredients used. You may also notice a slight reduction in puffiness due to the lymphatic drainage. The use of nutrient-rich serums may also temporarily plump up fine lines and wrinkles, lessening their appearance. The best skin of your life is not a “one and done” thing – it is an ongoing commitment to treating your skin well.

What It Will Feel Like

The basic 30-minute HydraFacial MD® treatment starts with a water-based solution being blasted onto your skin to break up the topmost layer of dead skin cells. Your provider uses the spiral suction tip of the HydraFacial MD® device to suction away the dead skin cells and surface debris. This is a gentler method of extraction than some other methods. Next, your provider uses the HydraFacial MD® device to infuse a chemical peel solution to increase the depth of exfoliation. Lastly, your provider uses the same pressurized system to infuse serums that are customized to the needs of your skin.

Post-procedure Care

Avoid sunbathing for at least 48 hours (although we recommend this indefinitely) to prevent UV rays from damaging your skin, which slows down the benefits of HydraFacial MD®.

Please wait 24 hours before resuming injections (neurotoxin, facial filler),
Do not use wax or depilatories for 48 hours.
Avoid heat (hot showers, sauna, and intense cardio) for 24 hours.
If you do not need make-up for the evening of treatment, wait until the next morning.
You may resume topical prescriptive medications and OTC acne medications in 48 hrs.


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